NAME:   Sarah Kate McLaughlin

LOCATION:    Chattanooga, TN.

ABOUT ME:    I have set my heart to follows where Jesus leads. I am a wife, a dog mom, a summer camp director, a creative advisor for Reaching Her, a Chi Omega sister, an avid audio book and podcast listener, and a former aerialist performer in a circus. I am easily excitable by animals, pizza, and Chick-fil-a frosted coffee.

BACKGROUND:    I was born and raised in north Florida and graduated with a degree from Florida State University in 2010. Growing up, I always loved to write in creative ways and I started experimenting with lettering in 2011 when my dad gave me my grandfather’s old calligraphy nibs. I quickly fell in love and after lots of time, trial and error, and scrap paper, I have self taught myself to where I am today.

WHAT I DO:    Hand lettering/calligraphy art. I love to make charming reminders that connect people to feelings the everyday hustle and bustle can tend to suppress. We live in a digital age where “personal touch” can easily get lost. I am here to help bridge that gap. I also just really like to doodle.

Sarah Kate Design Co. has been a hidden vision for far too long and I am excited to finally give it life.

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